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Embrosa's marketing tool!

Our award-winning social media marketing app is the one tool you don't want to miss for your business.

✔️ Access to branded content

✔️ Access to premium photos, videos and text

✔️ Unlimited access to themed and general content 

✔️ Unlimited access to curated collections

✔️ Download photos, videos and text to your phone

✔️ Save your favorites ❤

✔️ Share directly to Facebook & Instagram

✔️ Plan your posts to Facebook & Instagram

✔️ Ready-made monthly Facebook planning

✔️ Download pics in high resolution

✔️ Personal priority support, of course...

✔️ All of that for the cost of just TWO Cappuccino's!

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Embrosa's Academy

Our courses are made especially for local entrepreneurs so we can help you get your business online. Quick, smart, and fun!

✔️ Instagram for Beginners

✔️ Instagram Advanced

✔️ Photography for Social Media

✔️ Pinterest for Beginners (in the making_)

✔️ Social Storytelling (in the making)

✔️ And so on...

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