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Calvin Klein, the American fashion house by origin, refers back to its roots to this day and focuses on the simplicity of the product while obsessing over every detail. “Strip it back, push it forward”, embraces the beauty and creativity in the minimalist design of Calvin Klein products. Be a step forward, experiment; take risks and push boundaries.

The Calvin Klein company was founded in 1968 by lifelong friends Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz. Klein's creative vision and Schwartz's intuitive business sense allowed the duo to start a women's jacket business with just $ 10,000. Klein's modern designs, innovative approach and brilliant marketing quickly earned him widespread recognition and formed the foundation upon which the home of Calvin Klein, a leader in American fashion, was built.

The right glasses speak for your style and your everyday mood. The new Calvin Klein eyewear collection offers our most versatile range to date, with a range of styles,
designed to be inclusive, for youthful and mature clients, individuals with a modern affinity and those who exude a sense of timelessness.

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