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Tree Spectacles

odé | Gave Brillen

We are always ready to get inspired
We create design spectacles.
We believe in curiosity and openness to the new
that we match and reinterpret with our style
constantly aspired to perfection.
we develop new products
always keeping faith with our
design philosophy.

evolution not revolution.

Tree Spectacles Videos

Marco Barp, Co-Founder of Tree Spectacles, has grown up in a family of eyewear producers in Belluno, Italy. His first collection launched at MIDO in 2012, the result of innovative, forward-thinking R&D to create niche ‘Made in Italy’ products in layers of wood ‘sandwiched’ with carbon fibre – a design innovation which was quickly praised, and patented, for its lightness, comfort, flexibility, and unique beauty. Today the company produces a wide variety of collections with new releases in Japanese titanium and Mazzucchelli’s bio-based M49 acetate.

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